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Founder & Creative Director, LYNLUV

Linda’s interest in anime and video games has always played a huge part of her life growing up. It paved the way for her studies in International Business and Global Security Services. Linda studied aboard in Gunma, Japan and Hong Kong at Chinese Hong Kong University.

BAD WAIFU is a solution focused approach on fashion retail for lifestyle trends. Through research, Linda deduced and concluded that the fashion market lacks options available to women that offered the right support, coverage or style – furthermore inspired by anime and pop culture. As a result, Linda began creating such products by cutting and manipulating clothes to bring her vision to life.

BAD WAIFU is Linda’s solution to the missing piece in fashion and it has proven to work. Each piece is designed to excite, enhance, and build confidence in its respective market.

BAD WAIFU is a black-owned business where our production is stationed in New York with a black-owned agency. We will ship directly from our production to your doorstep with the effort to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. Each piece we create is personally creative to ensure its unique style for years to come.

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